About Us

Rawhide Rural is a family owned, Australian country outfitters based in rural Queensland. All of our products & designs are inspired by the Australian land & the bushy lifestyle. We aim to create affordable, durable, & timeless clothing for everyone. 

Our Backstory

Our main owner & operator, Jasmine, was raised living on the land & grew up experiencing the ups and downs of the agricultural world. Throughout her childhood, her father, 'Rawhide', introduced her to many aspects of agriculture & the Australian bushy way of life. In her later years, Jasmine would become involved in many different industries outside of ag, but would eventually re-kindle her love for this industry & lifestyle after moving to Roma, Queensland with her partner. With the support of her family, she decided to take on the ambitious task of building a country outfitters brand from the ground up. Rawhide Rural was formed in 2021 & opened to the public just over a year later in early 2023. After the overwhelming support & success of the brand launch, Jasmine gradually expanded the product range & customer base to a global platform. Jasmine's vision & aspirations for Rawhide simultaneously grew & she intends to continually develop the brand to become a globally reputable name.


A Message from Jasmine:

"Our success is solely thanks to our amazing community & supporters. Growing Rawhide would not be at all possible without the continued support shown by all of our customers & friends. I truely cannot thank you all enough! I am so honoured that we have as many loyal customers that we currently do, and even more so that our community is continually growing!" 

We're proud to be from the bush, and you should be too!

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